Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I tip-toed into the guest room, hoping to run on the treadmill before Annie knew I was there.  As if running isn't exhausting enough, I don't like to worry if her fingers are going to get caught in the belt, or if she's going to try to jump on behind me, and the list of worries goes on . . . 

Have you ever tried keeping track of your three year-old, turning your head while running 6 mph and losing your balance because your head is turned at a crazy angle and you can't run straight?  Let me tell you--not a pleasant experience.  Hence, my trying to out-smart the little gal.  Stealth running.

She caught me.  Thankfully, I was done running.  But I was still working on these saddlebags of a rear-end and my abs.  My body turned into an Annie jungle gym.  It was hopeless.  I decided to have fun instead of getting upset.  The saddlebags remain . . . until tommorow. 

Annie made me laugh when she was standing on the treadmill (see pic above).  She said,

"Look, Mommy, I'm a gingerbread man." 

Cute.  I smiled.  That's my girl.


Janie said...

I do this same thing with the eliptical but I can't be very stealthy because our machine is too loud.

Cute pictures. Although she shouldn't run around touting she is a gingerbread man. Someone might eat her!

Yayi said...

Love handles??? what are you talking about missy????

jenifer said...

i like her car jammies... someone's gotta get that girl an older sister to hand-me-down princess night gowns.

run at 6... blah. i am at 5, but i can do a full 3 miles... never thought this day would come.

and... i have a hard enough time keeping track of my earphones while i run... sticking my ipod in my sports bra and adjusting it as i sweat. gratefully my kids are all SLEEPING soundly.

Candy said...

I totally can relate! I fell on my treadmill the other day because Davis and Keira were standing too close and it scared me. I went to put my foot on the side bar and shew them away....but instead my foot landed on the moving belt part. It was awful, I got slammed down and sucked in and burned and cut.
So I am still nervous about running and I don't allow them in the room when I run.
And I like Annie's car jammies...you can tell she has three older brothers. I had three brothers too!
And saddlebags? pa-lease!

Ashton & Co. said...

Those are some darling pics of cute little Annie! You are so domestic!!!! Good job with the jeans. You need to teach me how to do that!

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