Monday, March 18, 2013

Goin' on a walk.


We crammed the kids into the truck, bikes and all, and spent Saturday afternoon at the nature park.  The name is a bit misleading, flanked on all sides by a small airport, a water treatment facility, rodeo grounds, and a small cement plant.  But it works.  The kids love to ride along the trails and wave at us across the pond.  There's all sorts of scrub brush for the boys to get lost in and build forts and secret hideouts.

Annie stayed close by.  Bless her.

It was lovely to walk alongside Ben while he pushed Sam in the stroller.  We talked and talked with little interruption, except when a plane was taking off or coming in for a landing.  Ben would turn the stroller towards the airport, shielding Sam's eyes from the sun with his hat.  It was adorable.  And such a guy thing.  Bonding.

We successfully wore everyone out and made our way to Grandma and Grandpa's for hot chocolate topped with mountains of whipped cream.  They always have the good stuff.


Danielle said...

oh Lanette! It has been way to long since I checked your blog out. Sooo great to see you all again. I thought of you yesterday...with your new stake calling! I leaned over to McKay & said, "she will be amazing!!!"

It makes me happy to see your cute family just living the dream. Hope I run into you sometime!

Lanette said...

Dani, I miss you too! So much!

And living the dream?! Hah, it's a muddied-up version of the dream. No glamour, but lots of good times!

Jilene said...

Gotta love the nature park. :) Love the sign that says something about don't torture the animals. You always have such beautiful pics!

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