Tuesday, March 12, 2013

First walk.

My yard is becoming that unsightly shade of brownish-yellow.  The snow is melting, leaving behind sodden, exhausted grass.  If I had to endure Idaho winters outside, without respite, I'd probably be a little stagnant myself.  Bless that hardy grass.

I took my first real walk of the season, more than sprinting across the yard to get the mail or to grab Sam who somehow managed to escape.

It felt so good.

I'd forgotten how much I love natural light.  Or rather, not forgotten, but felt again, how light affects me.  I could feel that vitamin D working its lovely magic, and with it a promise of good things to come.  

I've said it before, Idaho winters are hard.  There's something about the dailiness of an opaque white sky and snow on the ground, like a bland angst.  Blah.  Time to kiss all that goodbye.

And who better to experience my break-up with Winter, than with my peeps?  I love those guys, even if they still roll around in the mud after I tell them not to.  Disobedient little pigs :).

Good times.

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