Thursday, January 3, 2013


Wow.  It's a bit overwhelming reentering the blog world after a little break.  I think it's because I'm playing catch-up with all the bloggers who kept up the good work while I was away.  Time marches on, whether you document it or not.

We had an influx of family for the holidays.  It was busy and exhausting and awesome.  How I love my crazy family!

A few precursors before the big Christmas day post:

Our rooster was getting a little too aggressive with the kids.  And, honestly, we never wanted a rooster...but you never can tell when they're chicks.  It was time to say goodbye.  Our kids learned a lesson about respect for life...and death.  The-rooster-that-once-was sits in our freezer awaiting his part in a chicken noodle soup dinner.  RIP.  It seems humorous now, but at the time, I just felt like crying.  He was good, feisty rooster, that one.

Every Christmas Eve my mother's side of the family gets together to carol all around the town.  We're a BIG group.  We've upgraded to two trailers!  This is definitely one of our kids' favorite things to do at Christmastime.

Sam followed behind.  Too cold for a little fella.

I have to laugh about this.  I took ten pictures of the cousins in their Christmas Eve pjs.  This was the best of them.  That there was one bunch of tired kiddos.  Bless their hearts.  Too much excitement for one day...and too much anticipation for the next...

 ** In other news: the Christmas cards have yet to be sent.  Is it too late?  I feel like I'm repeating last year;  I think I FINALLY sent those out in February.  I love Christmas cards.  I hate labeling them.  Those two don't go very well together, do they?

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