Thursday, September 20, 2012

Once was lost but now am found.

(Yep, that's Sam looking a little isolated himself.)

Sometimes you don't realize something is missing until you find it again.

The past couple of days I've had fantastic conversations with friends.  One in person, one over the phone.  After our talks I'd think to myself how much better I felt.  Rejuvenated.  Happy.  Friends are good like that.

It made me see how isolated I've been.  I don't talk to anyone.  Well, not exactly, it's just that most of my conversations with people are the superficial, "Hi, how are you?  Great.  Nice to see you!  Take care!"  You don't get anywhere in relationships if you never get past that point.  I found myself purposely standing back, being the loner.  Why?  I just didn't want to make the effort.  Lame.

I miss talking to people, connecting with people, outside of my immediate family.  

There's something unique, slightly uncomfortable, and intriguing about opening yourself up to people when you're not in your comfort zone.  It's so interesting to hear a perspective outside of your own.  Maybe I'm a nerd, but I love learning what motivates people, what shapes their world-view.  That's why I'm a little surprised that I got in this funk to begin with.  But it happened and it's got to change.

I'm starting anew.  It's time to break out of this little box of mine and join the rest of humanity.  Wish me luck.


Heather said...

sigh... I don't know... I think I'm still lost. Being R.S. President has helped a lot because I've been forced to get out and talk with sisters about REAL things. Visits were my favorite. All of that will be shortly coming to an end and I'll have to force myself to get out and be social and have deep relationships with others. sigh...

I'll be thinking of you!

Lanette said...

Wait Heather, I thought you just got put in around the time you had little 'liza? Do they switch you guys around that fast?

It seriously takes effort to be social, doesn't it? Life really is busy enough without stepping out into the social scene, but isolation isn't good for the soul, either.

I always think about the scriptures that say Jesus "went forth among the children of men..." Think of all we'll miss out on in life if we stay cooped up inside our little bubble? We're too fun for that kind of life, aren't we :)? Heck yeah, sister!

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