Monday, August 20, 2012

Duathalon 2012.

A bunch of us got together this morning for a KID duathalon (biking and running).  We started bright and early to get the kids out of bed, prepping them for the early-hour rigors of schooldom.  I don't know about your family, but we're going to have some major adjusting over here.  
This morning was a real slam in the face.  I don't know how long its been since I woke up to a cloudy, wet day.  It was totally reminiscent of school days.  In fact, I panicked a little.  I'm not ready for my world to turn cold.  And dark.  And scheduled.  I haven't wrapped my head--or my heart, for that matter--around the everydays of school life.  I've even had dreams full of school stress, when missing the bus feels like a life or death situation, or not having any clean clothes for the kids is the end of the world.  I'm so relieved to wake up, but the feelings still linger.  It's ridiculous.
(I love little Addie IN FRONT with her scooter...)

All that aside, the kids had a great time!  They had courses for beginners, intermediates and advanced.  Everyone was awarded a box of cracker jacks as they crossed the finish line.  Sam and I walked (strollered) the course so we could cheer for the kids as they passed us, huffing and smiling.  Everyone was happy.  Everyone was trying.  Everyone finished the race.
And I'm sure I was the only mom--much to my chagrin--who had a kid leave this event with FIVE OPENED bags of cracker jacks in his hands...thinking he was pretty clever.

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Katie The Lady said...

FUN! Your get togethers always look like a blast!

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