Thursday, August 16, 2012

A follow-up.

I wanted to follow-up on yesterday's post (HERE to read that one).
(How Charlie and Rooster spend their afternoons.)

After a lot of thought and a desire to find some positive outcome for my dilemma, here's what I came up with: we had a little chat, Fantasy-talker and I.  We talked about an outlet for all these crazy ideas swirling around in his head (who am I kidding...I'm sure you all can guess who my little dreamer is).  Every time he has an idea, we go to the computer and type it out, like a story.  He dictates, I type.  Then, we print it off and he illustrates his story.  

After a while, he'll have built up a pretty hefty stock of wild stories that might just turn into something really cool.  If nothing else, a fantastic memory from childhood, OR, if I had my say, an author in the making.

HE insists that he'll rent a booth at the Farmer's Market and sell his stories to buy "clothes," because he knows if he says CANDY, I'll say NO.  Smart fella.

I hope this works.  This is a solution that would save my life...and his, actually (because of his crazy mother). My feeble attempt to turn lemons into lemonade.  

And not just ANY lemonade...the kind of lemonade that was stolen by a midget robber at the bank who wore a mask and stole everyone's gum in their pockets and evaded the cops with his jet pack that could go 1000 MPH.  And somehow the robber lived in a volcano that had a frozen compartment deep down inside where the robber could live safely and plot his next attack on humanity.  But he was secretly our friend and turned into a normal guy most of the time.  Except when he was bad.  

How would you respond if you were asked, after hearing that story, "What would you do, mommy?  Huh, huh, what would you do?!"  Yep, that's my life 90% of the time with this little guy.  It's a brain-marathon.

* In other news, Ben has asked me to please start making casseroles for dinner, as it uses minimal dishes.  Sweet guy.  I just don't think I can do it...


Candy said...

hahaha, I love the example story/question you wrote. So funny! So...the brother just younger than me did similar things. He made up outrageous and elaborate stories and talked all the time. He also had SO many ideas in his head that my mom made a book for him to illustrate and write about all his inventions. So I think your idea of typing them up is perfect!

And....there are some really good casseroles out there girl!

Lanette said...

Candy, if what you claim is true, PLEASE, send me some recipes. The men in the family can't handle my use of EVERY pan in the house when I make dinner:).

And, that's neat what your mom did, I sure hope I can keep up with it and turn it into a good thing! It would totally make for some laughs when he's an adult!!

Honey said...

I think you're on to something, what a great idea!

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