Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Picnics with Summer.

Summer is in full force.
We're playing our days away over here.
Naps never felt so good.
For kids and, yes, moms alike:).

(My mom has always been embarrassed to admit that she naps faithfully.  I can't for the life of me figure out why?!  I'm a proud napper, although I don't get one as often as I'd like.  Do you nap with guilt?  I say, nap away my friends and hold your heads up high...but not while your napping...that'd be a little uncomfortable, don't you think?)
I've discovered a little gem of wisdom for myself.  I am indebted to Summer.  Wanna know why?  It requires a little imagination on your part, but if you're ready, here it goes:  Summer is like a dear friend who goes on a picnic with me.  We find the perfect spot and Summer takes our oft-used picnic blanket, (I imagine a quilt made of our family's old jeans...which I have YET to make, of course) shakes it open and I watch as it floats to the ground.  

The wonderful part is that as it's falling, hidden beneath the blanket are all the things I stress about the rest of the year: our ghetto dishwasher, our water-heater on it's last leg, our master bathroom in dire need of remodeling, the rug I want in our family room, repainting our main floor...and that's just the house stuff.  Are the kids dressed appropriately?  Do they have everything ready for school?  Who needs to be loved right now?  Am I missing a Dr's appointment?  Do the kids have clean pants?  Did they change their underwear this morning?
Summer makes it all go away for a time, covering the needless wanting and worrying.  I feel free to enjoy the awesomeness of a bounteous summer picnic filled with my kids, no-stress evenings when Ben gets home, adventures, warmth, FREEDOM.  When days are filled with relationships, the things I think I need right away are content to sit on the shelf awhile.  I love the feeling of not wanting.  Of being content with what I have, right now.  Summer gives that to me.

I'm not disciplined enough yet to feel this way all year round.  Summer works its magic somehow.  I think when I'm cooped up indoors I become less content with my life.  I don't know.  Too much time THINKING and not enough DOING.  Maybe the kids and I need to pick up a winter sport?  Skiing?  They'd love that.

So, yes.  I'm slightly enamored with Summer.  Summer brings out the best in me.  And I'm grateful.  Now if I could just get Winter to cozy up a bit, I'd be set.  He kinda gives me the cold shoulder, if you know what I mean:).

Hope you're enjoying your carefree summer days!   

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