Saturday, June 2, 2012

Beauty for ashes.

Days like today serve as a reminder that opposition really DOES exist in ALL things.  If I didn't despise most things about winter, I couldn't have appreciated THIS day any more than I did.


Ben's parents surprised us with a visit this weekend.  They are the epitome of a no-stress couple, and that makes them no-stress in-laws, which is pret-ty cool in my book.  I was more than willing to share the beauties of this day with them.

The timing of their visit was, well, "timely."  They acted as a buffer in a very difficult situation.  Sofie, our exchange student, went home Friday, earlier than originally planned (July 22nd).  This was VERY hard on MANY levels.  My emotions are still extremely raw and my heart is tender and sore.

I don't think the kids felt the gravity of the situation because I tried so hard to shelter them from the issues at hand.  Ben shared my heartache to a certain extent, he was my listening ear and constant support, but he also had to get up and go to work each day.  I carried a lot on my shoulders.

It felt so good having Ben's parents in our home.  I felt a lightening of the heavy burdens I'd carried.  Seriously, I had taken for granted the gift of being loved.  

The lack (to a certain extent) of something I've always had--a peaceful, happy home and feeling surrounded by people who love me--brings an overwhelming appreciation for the gift of having it in the first place. 

My heart soaked up all their kindness, encouragement, and compassion.  I felt an assurance that my little soul will heal.  The crazy part is that although I DO feel bruised and beat-up emotionally, I feel larger in my soul.  This experience was not for naught.  It served a purpose and I feel an added depth to myself that could only come through a measure of heartache and suffering.  

I guess you could say that the Lord is pruning my soul.  And it hurts.  But He's compensating for the hurt in beautiful ways.  I see a little more, each day.  Beauty for ashes.

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Rebekah said...

Your in-laws really are great.
I am so glad that they were able to help you in a tough time--sorry you went through that.

*that is a very cute sweater you little one is wearing!!! :)
Sam is completely edible!

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