Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday photo dump.

Too many joyful moments today.
Have I mentioned I LOVE Sunday?
I do.
Take a gander...

What's up with the flat-brimmed hat style?  I can't get used to it.

Sofie, our live-in beauty queen, played some hoops while the boys got their rocket ready.

Isn't Charlie beautiful, too?

The boys had a little football scrimmage. Tears?  You better believe it.  Probably not the best of feelings on the Sabbath:).

Melt my heart.  How can one boy drive me crazy one minute and melt me the next?

Guess how long these shenanigans lasted?  Yep.  Not too long.

 My sweet GG is 91.  We celebrated today.  This woman is like none other.

Seriously, one of the greatest joys of living close to Mom and Dad.  Seeing this happiness.

Isn't my grandma beautiful?

GG did the honors today, blasting-off the rocket. 

That's my baby girl, always willing to pose.  She's learned she doesn't have a choice:).

This about sums up my day.  I'm one happy gal.


Katie The Lady said...

You are such a beautiful lady, with a beautiful family!

Alison said...

You're gorgeous Lynette! Such a great day full of beautiful moments.

Your blog is always a treat!

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