Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Life hasn't been easy lately.  
In fact, I think I can say that I've been through my own version of hell,
and I'm not quite out of it.  Yet.  
Did I really just say that?!
I'm not a user of "hell" in normal conversation,
but, for lack of a better word, well...
(this is not supposed to be a downer post.  promise.)
Can I ALSO say that one can go through hell and come out better because of it,
even though there was NOTHING positive whilst going through that fiery, awful place?   
I know it is true.
Because it's happening to me.

I also know that there are many who suffer/have suffered WAY worse than myself,
like Viktor Frankl, for example.
But, our own individual suffering is just as real as the next guys.
They are separate.  Exclusive of each other.  Not diminishing in any way.

And, and, and, I realize that I am an AWFUL person for not fully disclosing my experience,
I will.
Another day.
Another LENGTHY post.

I had to preface my post with that weighty bit because I had a spark of joy tonight that overshadowed my sorrow, if only for a moment.  

My favorite light on a perfect night with the people I love most of all.


katieo said...

Oh Lanette. I'm so sorry.
And It's really okay to have a "downer" post once in awhile, that's real life. You're not disappointing anyone who cares about you.

Methinks a phone call is in order.

Candy said...

Oh sweet Lanette! I'm so sorry for you friend! I hope that you can find happiness soon and start to feel more at peace. The Lord is watching over you. Thank you for sharing and letting us into your life and I will be thinking of you.
Sorry, I would probably have something way better to say if I knew what it sorry if that is totally not applicable. Just know that you are great and there are many, many people who love and admire you. And that you can do hard things.

Also, your pictures are so great and your kids are darling and getting so big. Dare I say your boys are handsome?! That seems like such a grown up word to use....but it's true.

hugs to you.

Honey said...

I will admit that you have me very curious about what's going on, but more importantly, I am so so sorry. I hope things take a brighter turn soon.

Lanette said...

You guys, thank you, really. It's a great comfort to know that people care about you, love you, pray for you...because let me tell you, every little bit helps. I'm so grateful for you guys.

I feel my little soul mending, stretching, learning. I know all will be well. It's just allowing the time to get me there. Love you! A lot.

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