Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tickling the ivories.

When I lived in Nevada, I played the organ in church for a friend who was out of town.  

FYI, I don't really play the organ.  I know enough to get by, but I'm too chicken to use foot pedals in the actual meeting.  I realize that I probably sound like a total nerd with all this organ talk, foot pedals, etc.  There's something nerdy about the organ, in my opinion.  And what do you know, I was playing it:).  I've said before that I'm a nerd, and this is proof!

You know how there's always that one person in a congregation who's "interesting?"  I always liken it to a guy who wears shaded spectacles INDOORS.  Unusual, kinda creepy, but always a very nice person.  Anyway, after the meeting, this "interesting" fellow came up to me, wiggling his fingers, and said, "Good job tickling the ivories."  What?  Whoa.  Seriously, it was hilarious and creepy at the same time!  I have NEVER forgotten that.

Speaking of tickling the ivories, I've decided to start teaching Annie piano.  You know your own kids best, and Annie is the first of mine that I've felt would do well with ME as her teacher.  The other kids, YEAH RIGHT!  It would never work with the boys.  They'd fight me all day long.  Annie is different.  She is eager, she's mature (when it comes to responsibility), she's driven.

I think we might actually have a lot of fun together.

Sometimes I sit on the couch listening to her tinker on the keys in the other room.  She gets it.

We'll see how it goes.  Maybe I'm totally off on this, but I have high hopes.  We start tomorrow.  

Wish us luck! 

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Jilene said...

Totally understand the organ playing! I never could work up the courage to do the pedals either. Just got released from playing the organ and called to choir pianist. Much more comfortable for me. :)

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