Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Family Fun.

We went to Utah over President's Day weekend.

What better way to celebrate Lincoln's 7th Birthday than a party with cousins (minus the friendly/not-so-friendly sparring found in the previous post)?!

The routine is ALWAYS the same.  Laundry, laundry, laundry the night before.  Ben and I usually spend hours folding and packing.  I've learned that if packing is left solely to the kids, we end up with one or two kids without church clothes, three boys without a change of underwear, no socks, no pjs, and enough shirts to last two weeks.

Grandma gave Annie an adorable tea set for her birthday.  The kids were so sweet with their almost-British accents and delicate manners.  I love kids.  I love how they can imagine something and it just IS.

Annie lives for her 14 year-old cousin, Tara.  That beauty queen is so very patient and so completely indulgent of Annie's every whim!

It was a full house for Lincoln's party.  We managed to squeeze thirty slices out of that cake.  Kind of like the five loaves and two fishes . . .

The craze that is Family Meal Time.

These beauties were passed around throughout the night.  Will seemed to OWN them the best.

One of Lincoln's favorite gifts: snorkeling gear.  This kid is my most random when it comes to gifts.  I can never plan ahead.  I have to be IN a store and something completely out of the ordinary has to jump out at me.

Love these girls!

And, of course, we can't forget my niece's boyfriend's creepy guy beard.  Seriously, facial hair is such a novelty to all the grandkids, I could have formed a line and charged $1 for each of them to have a turn touching that fuzz.  They were mesmerized.  (And a little hungry, it seems.)  

We rented a bowling alley for an hour.  The whole family together.  It was so fun.  We'd never done that before.  I didn't realize how competitive everyone was.  From the get-go I knew I'd lose, I was HORRIBLE, so instead of trying to keep up, I took pictures and held Sammy.  Putting it mildly, we have some pretty fierce bowlers in the Carter family.

This is certainly the "stuff" that great memories are made of (even (eek) leaving Lincoln at the bowling alley)!  Those arcade games are pretty fascinating to a little boy, even without money.  Good thing Grandma and Grandpa live down the street from the bowling alley.  He caught up to us before we made it home.  Small towns are great like that!

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Honey said...

I'm finding it harder and harder to leave town. The laundry alone about kills me. Then there's trying to tidy the house while the littles are following undoing A LOT. :)

How fun to have the bowling alley to yourselves. Nothing like some friendly (or unfriendly..) competition. And, you look fabulous. You'd never know you have a little babe. You go girl!

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