Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Don't let me forget.

For memory's sake, there are a few random things I'd like not to forget.

William has NEVER liked peas.  I have NEVER stopped giving him peas.  I laughed at his clever refusal last night.  Deliberate and concise.  But, no matter how clever, he's still gonna get peas on his plate.  Sweet boy.

After a very contentious car ride, in order to ensure his life and to give me some time to simmer down (not to mention practicing penmanship), Lincoln had to write, "I will behave in the car.  I will not hit."  His aggression was directed at William (who isn't always innocent, either).  The funny part is that he wrote the sentences, BUT, every time he wrote "will," he scratched it out.  He REFUSED to write Will's name, he was so mad at him!!

I feel strongly that our kids MUST have a cultured life.  We took the older boys to a Christmas concert with a guest performer from Broadway, Brian Stokes Mitchell.  Before the show I turned around and saw THIS.  Playing POKEMON.  I have fervently tried to keep pokemon OUT of our lives.  It seems like such a waste of time when there are bikes to ride and forts to build and trees to climb.  I've succeeded until now.  The influence of boys at school (and inheriting a mass amount of cards from a boy who's outgrown them) is too strong for a non-pokemon mother.  So much for culture!

I've been wanting to try this down-and-around braid in Annie's hair for a while, and finally got around to it Sunday.  I'm happy with the results and want to try more elaborate do's in the future.  Annie LOVES pretty hair and is starting to rebel against my tried-and-true messy pigtails.  YIKES.

I was going through the kids' art cupboard and found this.  Illustrated by William.  I'm wondering what inspired him to chose this subject.  Comparing and contrasting underwear vs. boxers.  These matters weigh heavily on an 8 year-old boy's mind.

I've stopped giving my kids napkins in their lunches because they tell me they never use them.  There goes my little love notes.  So, in an effort to leave some stamp of my love, I've drawn pictures or written their names in cool fonts.  THIS was a definite favorite.  

Such are the random complexities in my life at present.  Boxers or briefs, braids or pigtails, contention and penmanshiop, peas or no, pokemon or . . . pokemon, and the list goes on. 

My life is certainly NEVER dull.
I kind of like it that way. 

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Morpheus said...

I totally agree with you, about children being cultured. Its like you're sending them out to the world, making good human beings out of them, as people who know their values.

Also, love what you've done with the wrap. Its so cute! ^.^

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