Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This is pretty much what happens all day long at our house, as of late.
Make-out sessions with Sam.
Hmm, "make-out" sounds a little too crass.
Babies are too sweet for that.
Extended periods of extreme expressions of love.
That's better.
More wholesome.

We are loving this babe to pieces.
Surprisingly, he seems to enjoy never-ending kisses, hugs, snuggles, in-your-face-ness, and, if we're honest, a whole lotta bad breath (not me, of course . . . the kiddos).

A baby carries with it some magical essence that fills every inch of a house with love. 
A baby's secret weapon.
I'd forgotten that.

Watching my kids emote--yes, emote--so much love is tender and at times, exasperating.
I'm extremely careful, however, to keep my exasperation in check
(aka I don't exasperate in front of the kids).
I want the kids to love freely.
To feel like Sam is very much "theirs" as well as "mine."
That way, we're always a team.

Well, gotta go.
DQ run with the kiddos.
We're celebrating: Annie was the first student to arrive at preschool this morning . . . ON TIME, too.
This is the first time I've been ON TIME for anything since I've been without Mom's help.
I'm slowly finding my groove.
For some reason, NURSING and ETERNITY seem to go together.
Or, maybe I should say nursing FOR eternity.
I never plan well when it comes to nursing.
Baby steps, right?


Shelley Gee said...

You know, if you needed some extra help just ask and I'd be there in a jiffy!!!

Ya know, I usually have to hit the handicaped button on your varification words because they are insane!!!!

Diana said...

oh Lanette, he is definitely heavenly. You are a great momma. Hope I can visit you soon!

Unknown said...

I am in love his hair!!! I hope my little one has lots of hair just like Sam!!!

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