Friday, August 26, 2011

Time for a turn around.

(There was a fire in the desert west of us.  The smoky haze made the sky so beautiful.)

Well, the sun DID come out today!
And, it was a great day.

I was visiting with my mom this afternoon, talking about how I felt physically, emotionally, etc.
She said, among many other things,
"Well, Netty, I haven't heard you sound this negative in a LONG time."
She didn't say it to hurt my feelings. 
She's Mom. 
She loves me. 
She has genuine sympathy for my discomfort.
BUT, it got me thinking.

There really IS so much good all around me.
Sometimes when I'm hurting or consumed by my own problems,
I fail to look outside myself.
Tunnel vision.
I lost perspective and needed a gentle reminder.
It worked.
I'm starting a "power of positive thinking" workshop for myself.
Time to get that glass half-full again.
So, here we go.
I'm pretty excited:).


Janie said...

It's hard not to get consumed! we all need a reminder sometimes.

The sun is so bright in that picture, it hurt my eyes to look at it; so cool.

You ankles look fantastic by he way; sexy even. ;)

katieo said...

it's okay Lanette.
I feel like crap right now and I'm not pregs. go me. ;)

sometimes little things can make such a big difference though - like a good night's sleep - or a shift in attitude - or a conversation with your momma - or new pair of shoes - doing something to serve someone else - or, in my case - a trip to Paris and winning the lottery. (seriously, that would go a long way !)

One of the hardest things about pregnancy is the relentlessness of it all. If you could just get a few days off, right? ;)

and ohmyheavens, even in your apologetic "A more pleasant Lanette is bound to return" I'm like wut? wait. Was she even complaining? You couch things in such poetic terms. Whereas my post title near the end of pregnancy usually starts something like, "I HATE LIFE RIGHT NOW."

(so this is the part where you need to imagine me waving my pompoms.)

go you! go baby carter! go boys! and adorable Annie! Go awesome Ben! Go YOU!! (again!) YOU'LL MAKE IT!!! YOU'LL BE WONDERFUL!!! RAH RAH RAH!!!

and if you have some bumps in the road coming up. It's okay. Just think to yourself, "somewhere in Utah, Katie Miller is having a worse attitude than I am."

love ya. ;)

Lanette said...

You guys have done my heart good. Thank goodness for friends:).

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