Monday, July 18, 2011

Family Ties.

Look at those sweet faces.
That's the joy of family.
Of cousins who come to visit once a year, and, therefore, it's always a BIG DEAL.

My brother's family is moving to Oregon and left the littlest three of their brood with us while they got settled.
Us, meaning Mom, Dad, and my fam.
I don't think I was supposed to be involved in that equation, but, life happens.
Surgery, car troubles, temple service, life . . .
It's fun to be around.
That's a BIG BONUS of living close to Gma and Gpa.
We get to see everyone when they come to visit, too.

We've had our share of adventures.
Emotional (getting used to each other) and exploratory (like setting off fire alarms:)).
But, family ties are strong and, instantly, everyone is friends again.
Funny how that works.
Thank goodness it does.
(Why isn't it that easy for adults? Kids are a wonder.)

Already my kids are wondering how they'll survive without cousins when they leave on Tuesday.
They took comfort from the fact that more are on their way THIS weekend.
Boy, we're in for some GOOD TIMES.
AND, more emotional and exploratory adventures.
I'm sure of it.
23 grandkids . . .
I can almost taste the adventure.


jenifer said...

so cute!! how i miss those sweet girls. THANK YOU for helping us out!!!!!!!!!!!!! and, fire alarms?!! do i even want to know?

Lanette said...

Curiosity killed the cat on that one. I'll give you two guesses. 50/50 chance. I call it "boredom at the beauty school." Mom's nails were taking FOR-EV-VER-- That's what you get for choosing zebra stripes.

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