Thursday, June 30, 2011


There is something magnetic that pulls kids (and Lanettes) to water.
Don't you think?
I love the idea of water as a life-giving and sustaining force. 
Where there's water, there's beauty and life.

If the sun is shining, water plays some role in our day.  The pond down our road was full and ready for the Carter kids.  It's funny to me that because the water isn't as clear as a swimming pool, they need to wear life-jackets.  As if there's a sea monster below that they can't see who'll pull them under to their death.  I guess I'd be a little freaked out, too.

I sat this one out.  I tried my best to enhance my delicious farmer's tan.  It worked.  My tan lines are dreadful.  Extremities are tan  The rest of me, well,...not so much.

Speaking of tan lines, here's a memory from my childhood.  Picture an 7-9 year-old Lanette.  I swam nearly every day as a kid.  We're talking major tan lines.  I would stand on my bed, naked (ahem...clothed with a tan), pushing PLAY on my grey 80's boombox, Back to the Future soundtrack blasting.  "Earth Angel".  I loved that song.  I would lip sync to it over and over and over again.  Naked on stage with an imaginary mic (a soft, twin-sized stage adorned with a Strawberry Shortcake bedspread...Lady Gaga, eat your heart out!).  I was quite the performer...and a little scandalous, no?

Needless to say, our afternoon at the pond was filled with fun and imagination.  They created an entire city for the local pond-snails.  Unfortunately, a flood (named Brigham) wiped out the entire snail population on shore.  I'm thinking the snails were a little relieved to be "killed" and therefore, left alone.  All in a day's work for a kid.

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