Monday, June 20, 2011

Dads are pretty special.

William asked me on Father's Day, "Mom, when is it KID'S day?"
Good question.
I told him nearly every day was kid's day.
Every day we do things for them that are special:
We love them and praise them and cheer them on . . . and protect them from disgruntled siblings.

Ben was a good sport yesterday.
I could tell he was itching to get out of bed and get going.
He stayed in bed long enough for us to pull a beautiful breakfast together for him.
(I would've been sad if he hadn't.)
He would've rather not had all the fuss, NOR stayed in bed until I was ready to make a nice breakfast.
He's a get-up-early sort.

I loved celebrating Ben.
He's been a tremendous father.
Not perfect, but perfect for us.
No one deserves the pressure of "perfect."
Isn't that better?

We were so lucky to celebrate with two extraordinary fathers.
My dad and Ben.
We had a wonderful dinner, and an even better walk down our road.
The day was glorious.
And you can't beat spending time with the people you love.

I hope our boys grow up to be like their father.
I hope Annie grows up to have a healthy, fulfilling relationship with her spouse because of Ben's example.
Ben's hobby is his children.
He chooses them over anything/everything else.
(Editor's note: except his sweet, loving wife, whom he adores.)

I've heard people say that it was easy for them to imagine a loving Father in heaven because of their own father.  I hope as our children grow up, they will feel the same.  Ben has given his all to our kids.  God has given His all to us.  And there's nothing I want more than for my children to understand their true relationship with God.  That is the most hopeful, joyful, enabling gift of all.  All my happiness in life has stemmed from knowing this truth.  I wish osmosis worked with life lessons, passing from parent to child.  If only . . . .

This much I know: Dads are pretty special.

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Links uteis said...

What a wonderful photo of you ... So significant ... and so simple at the same time ... Congratulations.

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