Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Baby.

She's 4.  Today.  Waking up to a sweet and mellow "Happy Birthday" tune, she snuggled close and wanted to hear it again.  I'm a sucker for warm, snuggly, little morning bodies. 

I was anxious to send the fellas off to school to kick off our girl time.  The bus driver informed me that there was no morning kindergarten--not sure how I missed that memo--so, Lincoln became our honorary girl.  He didn't mind.  At all.

We hit the beauty school.  Manicures for $1.50.  In this case, money CAN buy happiness for a thrifty sort of mom.  Annie went with pink and snowmen.  I chose ruby red.  [I never paint my own nails red or I get the pink smudges where I've tried to correct my mistakes.] 

Lincoln was pumped for kelly green but last minute, the "boy" took over and changed his mind.  When we were done he'd convinced himself that he DID want painted nails, but alas, it was too late.  I said I'd take him back if he wanted his nails done for HIS birthday [in two weeks].  There's only so many years in a boy's life when getting your nails painted is still "okay."

We skipped over to the science fair at the boys' school.  I didn't recognize my boy.  Why he's wearing his hat puzzles me.  Fashion statement?  He does look kinda cool . . . is he TRYING to be cool?  I'm not sure, but it still makes me smile.  Of course, we had to snap a picture of Brigs and his future wife, er, I mean, BFF, Lizzie.

The party was at Grandma's.  Annie was delighted--squeals, the whole nine yards.  I love little kid delight.  It's nice to slowly acquire proof that a little girl lives in our home--dollhouses, purple pillow pets, princesses.  I'm so grateful to share our family milestones with people we adore, especially two of Annie's favorite people, Paige and Amy Jo.  They were so nice to come, even with their busy college-life schedules.

So, Annie, these are for you:

1.  Annie clings to the phrase, "When I'm a mom . . ."  I hope she never stops saying it.  It comes first in her dreams of "When I grow up . . ."

2.  Annie is so eager to please, at times to a fault, where her brothers are concerned.  She delights in others' delight.  She seeks laughter.  She emits happiness.

3.  Annie, like most little girls, lives to nurture.  Anything.  She is gentle [unless her brothers are nearby].

4.  Annie is full of the makings of a strong, compassionate, good, beautiful woman. 

I realize my responsibility not to squash those pure, innate parts of who she is.  Not to squash, but encourage, enlarge, and emphasize all the goodness in her.  That's heavy stuff, a job which I have to trust God knew what he was doing when he made me her mother.  I'm lucky to have her.

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Logan and Tanya said...

Happy #4, Miss Annie! What a perfect day!

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