Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Day. A [really] Great Day.

Today was an awesome day [swimsuits and snow included].

And we were HOME all day, together, everyone, all 6 of us.
Peace reigned, which is somewhat miraculous considering my three lively and sweet boys.  I don't know about you, most days we have our little rough patches [or major rough patches, depending].  We're normal.  Whoa, boy, not so today!  I had my little taste of heaven on earth and it was DELISH.   
Our sunset bathed the land around our house in a beautiful pink.  Imagine a world of pink snow.  The interior of our house took on a pinkish hue.  It was beautiful.

I had a day of joy.  Thankfully.  As you know, winter is tough for me.  It never was until I moved to Idaho.  Winter is LONG in Idaho. 

I had a glimmer of spring as we drove the four-wheeler down the road and bits of green grass were poking up beneath huge pines where the snow had melted.

There's my hope.

Life is happening under all this white . . . or pink.

Someday, months away, all this life will burst forth!  ("June is busting out all oh-o-ver!")
On that day, I will be the happiest person on the planet! 

And that's no hyperbole, folks.

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