Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just Thrilling.

I did it! 

Alone on my empty country roads I've always had a hankering to get back to my English roots.  [Translation: I've always wanted to drive on the wrong side of the road, just to see what it feels like, or, maybe deep down, to feel 1/100th of a part British.]  Who doesn't secretly wish to wake up one morning with a little british accent blessing their lips (even for one day, c'mon)?  Who wouldn't want to say, "Mind the gap now, luv?" 

Well, for all of one mile, on a straight road with not another car in sight, I shimmied my way to the left.  What a thrill!  You may be thinking to yourself, Geez, she needs to get out more!  AND . . .  you would be right.  But still, a thrill nonetheless.

Another random treasure: watching Brigham from the corner of my eye choosing his cereal using the tried-and-true method: enee-menee-minee-mo.  Seriously, so funny.  I say, whatever works, buddy.  After I took his picture he looked at me coyly, saying, "What?"  As if it wasn't completely adorable.

And how can we get through the day without a Lincoln-ism?  He, of course, didn't want any of the cereal choices on the counter.  Never a conformist, he climbed INTO the cereal cupboard, retrieving the Rice Chex.  Just so you know, the Rice Chex were ALREADY out, but in a plastic container.  But, no, nothing common for Lincoln.  Always different, always better somehow.  It's pride and one day he will fall . . . onto the kitchen floor and hurt himself. 

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Yayi said...

you are darn good at this writing thing!! you made me laugh so hard with the "mind your gap, luv?"

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