Monday, November 22, 2010


I was up before the kids this morning watching the news, in the dark, hoping that school was cancelled because of the snow.  I'm not sure why I wanted them to have a snow day.  It doesn't make my day any easier.  Nostalgia?  Laziness for morning routines?  A break from the mundane?  Probably all of the above.  I was giddy when I got the call.  NO SCHOOL!  I jumped back into bed hoping for another hour (or more) of sleep.  My hopes were not in vain.  8 a.m.  Seriously, it was heaven!
We drove to town, picked up a few Christmas presents, and I found the prettiest little Christmas dress for Annie not to mention the one I bought a few weeks ago.  I'm trying to justify to Ben why Annie needs two Christmas dresses.  Rotate weeks, every other, right?  Hah, I'm such a rationalizer, it's killing me!  Ahem . . . but I still want both dresses.  We'll see how convincing I am.

I don't hide my disdain for snowy days.  However, I can honestly say that today was great!  The kids were in and out of the snow all day long.  They had a partner in crime, Lizzy, who is the coolest little tomboy-of-a-girl.  Somehow, adding a girl in the mix made everything better.  I love boys.  I do.  But Lizzy balanced everything out.  Things never got out of hand, the boys exercised a measure of self-restraint because she's a girl (and they're still on somewhat shaky ground with female peers), and they went from one activity to another: puzzles, snow, bead necklaces, snow, hot chocolate, snow, coloring, snow, hide-and-seek, snow.  And I didn't even mind the mess--and it was a mess--which means the nostalgia-factor must have kicked in.
Here's the best part: NO SCHOOL TOMMOROW EITHER!  Can you believe my luck?  Maybe snow isn't so bad after all . . . "by their fruits ye shall know them . . . ."  Good stuff.

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jenifer said...

your house feels dreamy in these pictures... i love the glass vases on your table... and the snow... and the wood floors...
feels like Christmas!!

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