Friday, October 29, 2010

It's okay to be creepy.

(I'm really glad that I put my headband on backwards.  Good job, Me.)

I bought a halloween cd for $5 at Walmart the other day.  "Monster Mash," "Ghostbusters," all the fun halloween music.  As a bonus, it had those sound effects you'd use for a haunted house (I've always wanted one of those and have never had one).  I'm not really a scary, evil-scary, halloween person.  I'm more sweet pumpkins, happy ghosts, no blood, you get the idea.
I've been playing the cd for a few days.  I've been wearing scarves these past few days, too.  Put those two together: halloween music and scarves, and I turn into another person.  A creepy person who puts the scarf around her head and face and chases her children around the house making scary noises.  I kind of feel like Tevia's wife in Fiddler on the Roof, when she's a ghost.  Remember?  The funny part is it terrifies and delights them because I'm not being me, Mom.  I'm this crazy person chasing them when I usually tell them not to run in the house.  I feel a hint of guilt because sometimes Lincoln's eyes get a little watery because he's freaked out, and at the same time fascinated by my strange transformation.  He's confused.  I really shouldn't do it, but I can't help myself.  However, I do make a point to love on him, wink at him (while I'm creepy), to reassure him that I'm really Mommy.  Just pretending.  I think I've even made them wet their pants a few times because they're laughing so hard.  But don't tell anyone.  I wouldn't want to embarass them.
We had a full day.  Halloween parties at school and a Halloween party at home.  The kids have been anticipating our Halloween dinner.  It's nothing too fancy, really, just fun to do.  We only have one rule: even though you may be eating garlic bread, you have to call it by it's halloween name: vampire protection.  Or deviled eggs, eyeballs, or fruit salad (with gummy worms), "pass the worms," etc.  We also had witches brew (grape juice, 7-Up, with scoops of lime sherbet), spaghetti as brains, the sauce was blood and guts( thanks, Ben).  I found a cute tablecloth at the dollar store.  It was so fun!  The kids loved saying, "Please pass the bread."  And I'd say, "Oh, there's no bread on the table.  Did you mean, vampire protection?"  I love it when kids want so badly to show you that they get the joke, then purposely pretend to forget, just to see what you'll do.  They want you to think they're so smart.  And I love indulging them.  Like I used to do on Christmas day as I got older (10, 11-ish), "Mom, look what Santa gave me.  I loooove Santa."  Oh, I felt smart.  And she'd just smile.

Today was busy, crazy, exhausting and fun.  I'm glad it's over.  But, we made a great memory.  And that is what I call a successful day.  Phew.      


Poulsen Family said...

Such a fun Mom!

PS Ben looks thrilled in that picture :)

Honey said...

So festive! How fun!

Harley said...

You are so fun Lanette! What great memories your kids will have of their crazy Mom on Halloween. :) Love it! Even though it is exhausting, it's worth it! Love ya!

katieo said... much do I love that you're chasing your kids around scaring them?

als. love ben's face.

we did our halloween dinner tonight. so fun!

Logan and Tanya said...

So much fun going on at the Carter house...I mean just look at Ben's face! :) Seriously, that dinner is adorable! Way to go, mom!

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