Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Well, I did it.
Not a day goes by without regret at not having a camera.
Countless little moments in my day pass me by . . . and it's killing me.
I did it.
I bought a camera.
Christmas in October.

Well, it wasn't the camera I was planning on (I'm not as camera-snobby as I thought I was), but I am totally satisfied, excited, and anxious to get to know her better.  I have a 180-something page manual to become acquainted with.  I see this as the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  Hmm . . . imagine if friendships really came with hundred-page manuals.  Eek.  I'd probably be a loner.

I'm documenting the first photo ever taken using my new BFF, which Ben jokingly admitted was probably the last photo I'll ever take using my new BFF, seeing that Annie's sweet, mild-mannered self broke the camera lense with her pose.  I love it!  That's my little beast in all her glory.

1 comment:

jenifer said...

good to have you back.
i missed your pictures, and your blog.
it's fun to hear from you again.

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