Monday, April 26, 2010

Coming of Age...

(What a memory.  Too windy for candles, so he blew out a lighter...nice.)

I went into labor the night of our anniversary.  We'd eaten at Outback and the pains kept coming.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the stomach for steak anymore.  That's a bummer, because I LOVE a good steak.  By nine o'clock my family was telling us to go to the hospital.  I say "my family" because my parents were in AZ, helping us move into our very first house!  So, I'm in labor and I've lived in my new house for 2 days.  Great.

Ben begged me to hold off birthing (great word) William until our anniversary was OVER.  That's like telling a fish not to breath underwater!  However, superwoman that I am (hah), I did it.  William was born, all 9lbs. of him, early in the morning, April 23rd, 2003.

We've loved this kid ever since!  He's goofy, he's naughty (sometimes), he's completely loveable, and...he hates waking up in the morning.

He had his very first birthday party with friends.  We've set a family rule that the 7th birthday is their first friends party because we think they can finally show real gratitude for the gifts they receive.  They have to look each friend IN THE EYE and say, "Thank you."

Will invited all boys and one sweet, petite, ADORABLE girl named Faith.  We love Faith.  We spent a couple of crazy hours making t-shirts (puffy paint), playing games, breaking a pinata, eating cake and rootbeer floats and opening gifts.  Overall, it was a pretty simple party, but so much fun.  William's fully stocked with enough legos and star wars gear for another couple of years.

***as a side note, I've learned that a pinata is a microcosm of Darwin's and/or Spencer's theory of Natural Selection, aka Survival of the fittest.  Only the strong survive.  Only the strong get candy.  And only the kind share it.


Ashton & Co. said...

Happy Birthday william! Love he details of the story... what a great anniversary surprise! :)

Honey said...

9lbs! Wow. You go girl!

Happy Birthday to William!

Rebekah said...

Big boys!! Wow!
We just love you, Wil! One sweet and fun cousin!
Simple parties always seem the best--looked like the perfect kid party.

Just read the thank you blog about the woman at the grocery store--loved it. Isn't it amazing what simple words like hers can do for us? I need to look for more opportunities to compliment and uplift others!

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