Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Number of the day: 3

Happy Birthday, Annie.

What a day.

The heart pancakes Mommy made probably confused you about what a heart really looks like.

We tried to play your very first computer game (just like your brothers), but Mommy couldn't get any googled "online learning games for toddlers" to load.  Thank goodness for daddies and 

Mommy lost her temper after you made a complete mess with the play-doh.  She was upset with your daddy for volunteering at the Cannery today, and took out her frustration on you.  Shame on Mommy, twofold.  Don't worry, Mommy and Daddy are friends again.

We did have a lot of fun at Lincoln's gymnastics.  Thanks for saying, "Mommy, I llliiiikkke you."  That was so sweet.  I like you, too.

The cake.  What didn't go wrong.  I'll leave it at that...wait, it was pink inside.

Dinner at McDonald's was full of adventure.  When you and your brothers commented about the sticky floor, in bare feet, I almost gagged.  McDonald's is not Mommy's favorite, but it's yours and that's what matters.

Cake, ice cream, and presents at Grandma's was exciting.  Brigham nearly burned off  his finger lighting the candles. Watching you open your gifts was delightful.  You're so innocent.  I love that.

Nearly everything went wrong today and you never noticed.

You loved the less-than-perfect heart pancakes.
You loved the mutilated cake held together by frosting.
You loved everything because stuff doesn't matter.
We were together all day. 
That's what mattered.

You are our little blessing.

Annie, the greatest thing about today was YOU.
Happy Birthday.


Janie said...

For some reason this post got me teary eyed. I can't believe she is three. Congrats Annie! Happy Birthday.

katieo said...

oh my goodness gracious.

I laughed out loud over and over.

Happy Birthday Annie!! You are adorable.

Happiness to Mom for the day being over! :)

Ashton & Co. said...

I love the way you journal! that was too fun to read. Happy Birthday Annie! (Lanette, I want to see are you?)

jenifer said...
try this for fun abc games...
happy birthday annie grace!!

i'm sure this day reminded mom, we are definitely saved by GRACE!!

Honey said...

Happy Birthday to Annie!

Kathy said...

aw - happy birthday to her! and this post is a great reminder (for me) every day. the kids don't notice or sweat the small stuff - why should i? *please let me remember this tomorrow morning* :)

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