Friday, February 19, 2010

Mambo #5...

Happy Birthday, Lincoln!
5...phew.  We made it to 5. 
We are so grateful that Lincoln is still with us. 
No, he doesn't have a life threatening illness. 
It's just that everything he does is performed with such herculian effort:), we're amazed his body is still in one piece.

A few nights ago, I was watching the snowboarders doing the halfpipe and thought to myself,
 hmmm...I could so see Lincoln doing that. 
Anything extreme, he's there. 
No fear.
Bold, brave, courageous Lincoln.
I expect great things from this little man.
And what's endearing is that his heart is as big as his imagination.
Two very powerful gifts.

Our theme for his day was green.  Green pancakes, green candy necklaces for his preschool class, green birthday cake (which batter I stealthy licked while the kids were away), green candles, green gum, etc.

(In case anyone's wondering, this cake was much more successful than my last attempt (2-3-2010).  All parts intact.  However, I'm not a cake person, no creative cake spark, I do enough to make them excited and I play it up like it's the coolest cake ever made.  Thankfully, they believe it.  I guess I'll never let them go to another birthday party again...can't let them see the competition:).)

I'm pretty sure his roller blades and handcuffs were the ultimate favorites when it came to gifts.  The bubble gum was a close second.

More to come from this little guy, I'm sure.
Stay tuned (since half my blog is filled with his antics).


Candy said...

what the crap kind of comment is above me? weird!

Anyway....I was secretly hoping that Mambo #5 meant Baby #5, haha! But it is still a very happy post! Happy Birthday Lincoln, and I love your green theme!

Marilou said...

5? Wow, that sounds so old! Happy Birthday Lincoln!

Daddy David said...

Looks like you guys have been having lots of fun!! We LOVED the figure skating pose!!!! Computer arrives tomorrow...keep your fingers crossed...

Rebekah (and Dave)
PS Net, sorry for not callin' you back that day...I soooo wanted to talk, but long story, I didn't have the time last week. Should be much simpler this next week...

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