Friday, October 23, 2009


I was talking to my sister on the phone, needing a sounding board. Lately, I've had all these hopes and dreams bubbling up in my brain. I felt unsettled because there's so much I want to do in life. My "seasons" are all out of kilter. Obviously, now is not the time to conquer the world...I still haven't mastered doing my laundry, folding it, AND putting it away all in the same day. However, I felt like by the time it was my season for some of my dreams, I might be a little "too seasoned" (meaning: sipping jello through a straw in a nursing home) to make a difference the way I imagined. Sometimes I get so ahead of myself with what I want to do, that I forget God has a path for me, and if followed, will lead to more fulfillment than I could ever dream-up for myself.

With these thoughts coursing through my brain, I picked up a book this morning. It was one of those moments when the pages fall open in just the right place. Here's what it said,

It is easy in the often routine and occasionally dull exercise of everyday life to long for something more exciting and stimulating. . . . Submerged hopes and desires bubble to the surface, and feelings of longing may tug at our hearts. . . . There is nothing inherently wrong with hopes and dreams and wishes. They should be pursued to their reasonable ends. But there comes a time in our reverie when it may be vital to turn and almost run to the arms of someone real that will bring us back to the ground.

It is wonderful to see people who have a dream and go for it with passion , confidence, and unwavering determination. Tremendous personal growth and meaningful contribution can be realized by those who are willing to give the extra effort or walk the narrow path that is dictated by their dreams. But the most successful of these also realize that they may be limited by vows and restrained by responsibilities that are not subject to honest abandonment.

I looked up to heaven and thought, yep, that was clear enough for me. Noted. My sister advised me to use wisdom. I said to her, "Well, it's easy to be wise in my every-day life, it's harder when it comes to my dreams." Sometimes, my journey of "becoming" feels like pretty hard work. I have a lot of rough edges just waiting to be smoothed.


Shelley Gee said...

It is so interesting that we are the same age and struggeling with the same things, but our life situations couldn't be more different. Keep sharing your wisdom with me. It really helps. And if I ever get some wisdom to share I'll do the same thing :O)
I am taking this time to request a cousins date with the two us. Tell me when I can come over and we will do lunch, well you and your kids can do some lunch and I'll bring some ice cubes to suck on :D

Rebekah said...

A dream is a wish your heart makes . . .
I can't wait to see the Lanette in 10-15 years (pre-jello-sipping-time)!
All the simple and "real" things you are doing now will add to her greatness and her ability to really reach others.
Love and smiles!

katieo said...

"But the most successful of these also realize that they may be limited by vows and restrained by responsibilities that are not subject to honest abandonment."

haha! Just ask Aaron about the time I acted like I was going to haul off and go to medical school. You know, with all that extra money and time we have. And my predisposition to faint and the sight of blood.

I like to write my dreams down so they don't go putting them in my journal is putting them on a shelf. I don't know, makes them feel more tangible.

great post though, got me thinking. And missing you! :)

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