Friday, August 28, 2009


Lincoln's said some pretty hilarious things lately.
Kids crack me up, plain and simple. Here's a few:

(Driving home from preschool)
"My Uncle's name is Jesus., his name is PJ." (PJ??)
"Oh, really?" I said.
"Yeah, he lives in Hannah Montana. (Pause). That's where Grandma and Grandpa are on a mission." (They're serving in Billings, MT).

(Giving Lincoln a goodnight kiss, after his hair cut)

"So, Lincoln, do you love the way your hair feels when you rub it?"
"Yeah, it feels like butter."

(Talking to Annie (a.k.a. Annie Grace, Grace, Gracie) in the kitchen at bedtime. He was trying to sneak a drink from a pop we got at a restaurant earlier. He was unaware that I could hear him, AND he was on a "why is alcohol bad for us?" kick. We don't drink alcohol.)

"Grace, Grace, come here. Give that back. Don't drink any. It's ALCOHOL!"
(This was all spoken in a very aggressive whisper. So funny.)


Marilou said...

:) I sure miss you guys. Ali keeps saying "lets move back to Rexburg."

Ashton & Co. said...

Lincoln is too cute. You know he is betrothed to Piper, right!?

Honey said...

Funny boy!

(I wondered if your inlaws were still in MT. My cousin's father-in-law is the new MP there - Pres. Gardner. I can't believe how many ties there are of my family to your inlaws. Eric, The Fishers, now the Gardners. Small world.)

Debbie and Bobby said...

We have lots of Liamisms around here. Don't you love the things they say sometimes!

Kerri said...

How was your trip to Lava?

Lincon's Linconisms have me laughing. Aren't you so glad you blog so you can keep these memories. (Do you back up your blog?)

RaeLynn said...

Oh my word--what a crack up. This kid would get along famously with Cole. What a stud.

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